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Vincent Poag

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Artist bio:
The thoughts and dreams of the 12-year old mind are strong enough to last a lifetime.

Vincent Poag was born and raised in a modest blue-collar section of Massapequa, Long Island. Born in the 1950s, he was exposed to, and a product of, the Broadway musical era, the music of Gershwin, Porter and Rogers and Hammerstein. In his teens, he saw singers like Sinatra and Elvis give way to the rise in popularity of a new breed of musician, the singer/songwriter. Influenced by the music and poetry of the songwriters of the 1960s led by Bob Dylan and the Beatles, Vincent began his musical journey.

Poag worked in the family’s Bellmore, Long Island hardware store at age eight, and never really stopped working until he graduated college. In an effort to make his dream come true, he moved to Atlanta to pursue a career as a singer/songwriter. When that didn’t work out, broke, he moved back home to drive a bus, sing in bands, play bars and peddle his songs to publishers and record labels. Unfortunately, the pressures of making a living forced him to shift his creativity into building a successful career in real estate. But the itch never went away. He continued to compose.

In 2008, on a lark, his wife, as a birthday gift, bought him guitar lessons from local rocker Aric Carroll, who had just built a home studio. Now Poag, more settled in his career and family, could once again revisit his first love and explore his musical potential. Once so emboldened, Poag knew he just had to finally record the songs that were festering within him. It was either that or those songs would go with him to the grave, forever unheard.
Then a wondrous thing happened. All those years of musical regret and sublimation melted away into the joy of adventure and discovery. Poag and Carroll (who brought in drums/bass/cello) layed down some basic tracks. The new chapter continued when Poag hooked up with Kathy Sommer, a talented pianist/conductor/arranger, who helped him explore his musical potential.

Now it’s come full circle. The dreams that had to be put on hold became real and blossomed into material that demands to be heard. The message of his single “This Christmas” is one of hope. In a voice somewhere between Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen, Vincent Poag communicates that feeling…that message. It’s a message that will never get old.

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