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Candice Night

Artist bio:
Candice Night: her name is equivalent to soothing vocals, ethereal motion, and celestial angelic beauty. As hypnotic as the ocean, as timeless as the night sky, she captivates and mesmerizes with the mere sound of her magic voice.
With her 2nd solo offering, ‘Starlight, Starbright’, Night's vocal quality is richer than in years past, bringing you to a quiet and intimate place with the singer; a place of beauty and dreams. Inspired by the birth of her children, Autumn (5) and Rory (3), she began creating this CD when she was pregnant with her first child. "I really felt just so completely full of love and part of this bigger picture, this miracle," Night remembers. "I wanted to sing to celebrate this incredible life that was occurring inside of me. I've never felt so spiritual."

When her children were born she sang to them each night to lull them to sleep and each morning so they would awaken with the wonderful sound of song. When she spoke to other moms who wished they could sing to their own children but didn't have the confidence in their own voices to do so, Candice decided to create this CD. Not only for her own children but for the moms who wished they had soothing songs to ease their child's journey into dreamland after the sun sets. So many parents enjoyed the songs so much, Candice was reticent in calling this a lullaby CD though that's what she originally intended it to be. Now created for children and adults to relax to she terms it "music to dream by."

Many know her as the front woman of Blackmores Night where for the past 18 years she has been dancing across the stages of the world in historical venues with her 8 piece band performing the songs she has co-written with her writing partner and husband, legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore. The critically acclaimed band Blackmores Night has been known for the past two decades for taking melodies of centuries gone by and updating them with new instrumentation, new arrangements and Candice's lyrics which have always been inspired by the simple pleasures in life. "I am constantly inspired by nature and the miracles that present themselves to us each day, but that many are too busy to see and enjoy. The colors of a sunset, the star-filled sky, the wind through your hair. All of these things are so simple and free but can fill us with such wonder it's like seeing them through the eyes of a child. "Night also pulls from regional fairy tales, myths and legends, "We were all brought up with our parents reading us these stories before we go to bed at night and enter our own dreamland. So those faerie tales are weaved into our memories. Nostalgic for me, and bring us back to a time where you felt safe, secure and loved."

On ‘Starlight, Starbright’ you will find new original melodies, some co-written and played with Ritchie Blackmore, some solo by Night; as well as a song originally written by her daughter Autumn when she was 1½. "I walked in one day and she was singing this beautiful song to her dolls as she lay them down to sleep. I recorded it on video without her knowing it and the song has always stayed with me since that first moment I heard it. It's called ‘Lullaby in the Night’. It was the first video I shot for the project as well." ‘Once In A Garden’ is another song that a video was filmed for from this CD. Starring Candice’s children as well as a wonderful group of other children playing pretend as children do, it's a beautiful song about their innocence that the video encapsulates perfectly.

Other songs from the CD include old and new favorites, all rerecorded with the Candice Night magic put to them. As the executive producer of this CD and the woodwind player as well as vocalist and lyricist, each sound recorded was done so under her careful direction to ensure the sound was the beautiful sound of what she felt lullabies should be. Night's velvety vocals add new dimension to John Denver’s ‘Annie's Song’, Plumb’s ‘In My Arms’, as well as Disney favorites ‘So This Is Love’ and ‘Baby Mine’.

Many other songs await you on this musical journey to the land of dreams.

Close your eyes, lay back, and enjoy.



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