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Adrian Legg
- Inheritance

Finger-style guitarist Adrian Legg has spent most of the past two years bringing his mesmerizing fretwork to audiences all over the world and now he is back in the United States touring in support of his recent release Inheritance , out September 21, 2004 on Favored Nations Acoustic.

On Inheritance , his second release for Favored Nations and ninth overall, Legg blends his extraordinary virtuosity with a lush sonic arena of musical textures. A colorful mix of gentle contemplative ballads, percussive jams, rock-edged electricity and hints of folk, Irish jig and traditional church music influences, Inheritance marks a stark contrast from the minimal production approach of the acoustic based and rootsy 2003 label debut Guitar Bones.

Though he is quite accomplished with his catalog of recorded works, it is in the live setting where Legg is most comfortable.   An Adrian Legg performance is an interesting juxtaposition of language and song. He captivates you with the charm and humor of his storytelling, then knocks you down with the power of his musical prowess.

"Playing live is the whole point," says the London-born Legg.   "Everyone makes a journey, an effort; we all come together - me, the audience, the people who run the venue - to share this wonderful, universal, human emotional interaction. This is where music lives."

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