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Flashback to the 60s - the BLUES MAGOOS talk about their time with Chuck Berry

It was two weeks before Altamont and we played a big venue in San Francisco right on the ocean. We were playing, The Grass Roots, Santana, The Beau Brummels .. so many great bands from that era. Chuck was in his Mercury parked right behind the outdoor stage entrance. He was stretched out in the front seat and every once in awhile, when we were talking to him he would open up his bullet proof attache case and flash the thousands of dollars he had in it. The only other person we'd seen do anything like that was James Brown. Chuck was right up there with the greatest performers of our time. He said, "You boys are getting ripped off." He was sitting there with his 20 grand in that airline case. Looking at us as if to say, "I got paid. Are you getting paid?" There were thousands of people there to see us play too but at that moment, I realized this guy knows exactly what he's doing more than anyone else up there. He was trying show us the ropes and teach us a thing or two. We were so lucky to have had the experience of his music and his face to face wisdom, too.

Ralph Scala
The Blues Magoos

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